Tuesday, February 19, 2008

President's Day and Stuff

Yes the CRACK.... um it really is longer than it looks.. when we took that picture I basically couldn't breathe. I think if I would have tried I could have lifted my feet up and just still stayed stuck in place. Fun though, fun.
We Went to the Jazz game for Justin's birthday that was at the end of January.
Sick Picture oh well..
Valentines Day... we went to the Jim Brickman Concert in Salt Lake. that was a lot of fun.

This is from our president's Day weekend Trip down to St George Again. SO fun as always to visit Justin's sister and her cute family.

Some people built a house thing in the rocks up on Dixie Mountain.

Nice Weather and stuff

Everything is great. Just can't believe its almost the end of Feb. Time is flying by. Life is changing everyday... big decisions to face all the time, but the best thing is that Justin and I have each other to go through all that with. I love our family and friends! So blessed we are... thats how Yoda would say that I think. Hm weird.