Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wirigs Take over Disneyworld!!

So Fair warning... lots of pictures, but its for my own record!

Last week we got back from a very fun-filled, exciting, and awesome trip to disneyworld... thank you to Justin's Parents!! IT was amazing. EVERYONE got to go...12 kids under 10... and 12 adults! WE all made it on the plane and 4+ something hours later we landed in Florida! We boarded the disney bus that took us to our disney themed hotel! We swam around and went to bed. The next morning bright and early we were all up and headed to the first park, Hollywood Studios. Fun. Kimball and Kara went to their version of american idol we got to go cheer kimball one of the final showdowns. I was chosen to be in the Indiana jones show... thank you fam for volunteering me... it was a fun day. The next day we went to magic kingdom which is basically disneyland on a bigger scale. The kids LOVED that and it was super fun to watch them and be with them. The next day we went to animal kingdom and went on an african safari. AWESOME!!! Seriously, I couldn't see any fences protecting us from all those things right by our cruiser. Then we went to Epcot for the other half of that day. We went back to magic kingdom the next day, and then our last day we spent touring the world back in Epcot. IT was very fun... VERY HOT and HUMID!! Holy cow! We woke up at 3:30 sunday morning to head out to the airport... so that was a couple hours of sleep that night at best. Boarded the plane and made it home safe and sound to new snow on the mountains and freezing cold weather! RIDICULOUS if you ask me! The dream is over and back to real life. We are so grateful for the chance we got to be with our whole Wirig family and the love we feel for everyone of them is... well its big ok. Big is the only word I know how to spell out of all the other words i Am thinking :) Thank you betty and kimball/mom and dad Wirig! It was awesome!
Taylor's Face on all these rides are priceless! She was FINALLY here and she couldn't have been more happy about it! She soaked it ALL up and was a trooper through it all!
Waiting for Fantasmic to start with Grandma and Grandpa, cousins, and uncle Mike
She has been waiting to go on the Winnie the pooh ride with Grandpa!!
Finally Found some grass for the kids to crawl around and play on
Waiting for a parade to start
Now winnie the pooh with Grandma
One of our meals we had a sit down dinner with all the winnie the pooh and friends!
Taylor really couldn't believe all her cartoons were now real! She had to hug and kiss them all
One of her faves... daisy duck
Me and Skybot
Our family got our own boat/car on all the rides because we were big enough
The true face the Small world Ride!
Happy to stand in line in some Air Conditioning!

Kara and Me... Peter pan! Do-da-doooo
Some of the kids with Woody and Buzz
Heaven Help us... airplane ride home...exhausted...
Skylar flirting with the flight attendants
And taylor dreaming of it all over again...also, a bandana keeping headphones on her ears while she falls asleep to dumbo...
It was a good trip... Thank you again Betty and Kimball! We love you!