Saturday, April 30, 2011

Easter '11 and such

Easter was a fun time this year. Every holiday is just more and more fun the older our kids get. Taylor actually understood the whole easter bunny thing but more importantly understood what Easter is all about. If you ask her what happened on Easter she tells you that Jesus died and then 2 angels moved a rock after 3 days and he was resurrected. Not bad. Her nursery leaders were loving it. Saturday we had a big easter breakfast and Egg Hunt in the Wirig downstairs...all the cousins and everyone was there except BJ, Katie and their two cute girls... we all missed them very much though! So Taylor is full blown hilarious/terrible that keeps me busy.. and skylar is crawling like crazy and has 3 teeth so far! Life! Whew.

Here are the kids all Huddled around their Aunt Kara

Easter Morning!
Taylor Strikes a pose EVERY time a camera is around... she is pretty good at it too haha
Awesome bed head!
She looks like a lion when she rolls out of bed... much like her mom... and again another Tay pose
Easter Card in the mail from Grandma and O'papa katz
Digging into her easter finds...

Her and Cousin cole... a year younger but they are buddies!!
Kids goin wild in one of the rooms!

Just waiting to go downstairs!!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wow... long time, long post...

So its been a couple months since I have posted anything on here... so I will try to remember what we have been doing. Time just seems to be flying by. These kids are getting so big so fast. Taylor is almost 2 and a half. Skylar is 6 months old. Taylor weighing in a generous 23 pounds... at least she has made it onto the doctors "chart". Skylar is a whopping 14 pounds and is 25%ile for everything. Taylor is singing and dancing her way through every day. She has a HUGE imagination. She cracks me up everyday... mostly all day. Potty training is done, and then we go on a trip or something and throws it all off... ONE day she will be set to go, um I hope. Sky is happy and sits up, scoots ALL over the place, almost has the crawling thing down, has one and a half teeth. She is getting a new crop of fuller hair. She sleeps great and taylor and her LOVE each other. Justin is doing awesome this semester in school and keeping busy working full time at Adobe still. He is a busy guy and we love him for all he does. He just got back from Cali on his first "work trip". Sometimes I wonder when I will get a "work trip". But that would include taking my kids, SO... don't know if I would be up for that. I stay home and play and be Mom all day, and I wouldn't trade it for anything. I love these two little crazies. I am grateful to be a mom and to be able to spend so much time with them. It gets overwhelming at times and hard, I'm not going to lie, but in the end it is ALL worth it. Conference was great, but again, I need to reread/listen to it ALL because I have a couple busy bodies that don't exactly allow us to pay attention to anything but them.

Taylor and Me just hanging out and having a good time.
Justin and Tay at the park. (This pic cracks me up, looks like he is holding her up by the scruff of the neck or something)

Taylor and cousin Carter at chuck-e cheese
Went to get sky after she woke up, taylor had been in there previously, and stuck her with a nice eye sticker. Skylar didn't move a muscle. Just deer in headlights look until I removed it.
At the aquarium

Just watching her big sis run around and go down the slide...

My friend Emily and her husband invited me to go to the Jazz game with them. Fun to catch up with them and Laci.


I've got great family who were just here for conference weekend, and friends who I have seen quite a few of the past couple weeks. Life is still good! :)