Thursday, May 20, 2010

Washington Trip and Baby

(Taylor ready to load up and go flying on the airplane)

Taylor and I went on a little trip while Justin stayed home and went to school and worked...(he got a job at Adobe so thats exciting) We flew to Washington to visit my parents for the week. It was fun and Tay got spoiled to death by "damma" and "campapa". The weather couldn't have been more perfect. We played outside and went shopping and just mostly hung out and had a good time visiting. We got to skype justin everyday so we could talk to him.. that was fun and we wish he could have come with us. My parents have a huge great dane and a cat... then there are a ton of animals running all over the fields and yard all the time... Taylor was in heaven! We aren't around any animals here so it was fun for her to see real life things instead of in her books.

(Below: Teaching taylor that the smell of washington rocks is THE best smell in the world)

BJ and Katie had their second little girl on Tuesday... welcome Ellie... Taylor LOVES her cousin already and asks to go back and see her

(Below: Found her this morning stuck in the toy box a panic...took just a sec to take a pic)