Thursday, May 14, 2009


Well, it has been a while since I have given an update on here. Lots has happened of course So I will try to do my best at remembering everything. 1st Taylor is now 6 Months old. She had her appointment yesterday and is 13 lbs. 2 oz. and 24 and half inches long. She is 10th% in everything. She also got her first 2 teeth in the past couple weeks. That was fun for all of us... Its been warm out, so Taylor finally gets to go outside. SHE LOVES IT. And so do I. Loves going on the swings and just watching all the kids run around at the parks.

I got together with some old friends and we all went to lunch. I also got to visit with some other old roommates and see new babies! Fun fun.

WE got to go down to St. George and See our nephew Braden get baptized. It was so fun to be there with everyone and to watch him make that awesome decision in his life. He is a great kid and we love him and are so proud of him! The only picture I took down there was of Taylor and Joss. Taylor LOVES her oldest girl cousin. She thinks she is SO funny.

Justin is on a softball team and we love to go watch him play!

We are doing a project for My little cousin Peter. We take FLAT PETER everywhere we go. Then we send back pictures and stories of what we did with him. It has been fun.

My parents came down for Mothers' Day weekend. That was fun. We went down to St. George for a day to visit my Grandparents that just bought a house down there. I got to stop by and visit Danielle, Stuart, and The kids for a sec. Fun Times. That was the 1st time my grandparents have seen Taylor so it was sweet.

It was my first mothers day and so that was fun. We went and listened to my Brother-in-law, Kimball, give an excellent talk! It was a little awkward being in a silent singles ward with a loud baby. You could just feel the eyes on you if she even made one little peep. But I love her and am happy to be a mom. I am so grateful for Heavenly Father's Trust in me, to send her to our family and let us raise her and Love her so much! Being a mom is the BEST! We got to Talk to my two in-law on a mission. Michael in Denmark and Kara in Kirtland. It was only for one second I felt like, but it was fun and I miss them so much! Til Christmas!