Friday, August 15, 2008

Wirig Reunion!

The First weekend of August was MY first Wirig Family Reunion! I loved meeting all the new cousins and seeing everyone else again! I love how big this family is and how close everyone is... the love just radiates around everyone! I am so blessed to be part of it. It was named the Wirig Roundup 2008. There was a lot of food and swimming, s'mores making, talent show, birthday party, baby shower, girl time/boy time, and games and horse back riding. Sunday morning, everyone got together at an outdoor spot by the Timp Temple and had a little meeting sharing testimonies of family and this true true gospel I am also lucky to be part of. A lot of the time during the reunion I got really emotional, but I was pretty great at holding it back, because these days, I am a bawl baby!.... you know, didnt want to come accross as a cry baby to my new family :) But it really just hit me how blessed I am, to be part of the Katz family, but also to now be part of the Wirig Family Forever! My heart was squished and
still is just thinking about it. I love all of them! They are great examples to me!

Justin being a cowboy He is! -------------> Baby in the belly

Cotton Candy, Grandma and Grandpa Wirig, Mother-In-Law with the grandkids
And here justin and Danielle performing Greese Karaoke
SO FUN!!!!!! Can't wait for the next one!

ALso right now, we are just getting ready for this little girl to come be part of our little family here in November. Its crazy she is only 3 months away. Justin has been working hard, painting her room, and we just get more and more excited every day!!!