Monday, May 9, 2011

And a Happy Mothers day it was...

Happy mothers day to ALL women out there! I am so blessed to have the cutest, aw
esomest, funniest, and happiest kids ever! I am so grateful every day for the chance I have to be a mom. I do admit it is SUPER hard sometimes and I wonder how I will survive the day without losing it, but I think motherhood is something that heavenly father NEVER lets you do alone. I think there is always some "extra heavenly help" always with you. I can't imagine my life without these girls in my life. I'm so humbled by the opportunity to raise these children of God. I love you Taylor and Skylar!
Thanks to the best husband ever too that helps me get through day to day. HE is a GREAT dad! They love him so much. HE made it a beautiful mothers day! We also got to witness our niece, Alice, get blessed in church yesterday too. I love babies! I'm grateful for a wonderful mother-in-law who I feel so loved by! And I am grateful for all the mothers/women/friends out there who have impacted my life for good!
Last but not least my own mother! She is a rockstar of a mom! I love her tons and happy that she has never stopped loving me... even when I've been really hard to love... like ALL of High School! You all are amazing!

Taylor is all white... from her hair to her clothes so sorry if this blinds anyone... it was really bright outside... so that doesn't help

Some people have requested comparing taylor and skylar.. so this top pic is of taylor at 7 months and the next one is skylar at 7 months...