Tuesday, October 25, 2011

As of Late...

It has been a busy and fun past few months. We had a great summer and now that it is officially fall, we are full swing into the long sleeves, fall decorations, and little outings where we can have fun and still keep warm. Here is a little of what has been going on.

Me and My sky baby at Kara and Carter's wedding. Awesome day and we are happy that they are now our neighbors!

We took our little family down to California for a surprise for my mom's 50th birthday. All my sisters and brother were there along with my aunt and uncle. We stayed at the Malibu house which is always fun right on the beach. We went to disneyland for a couple of days and celebrated Skylar's 1st birthday!

We took a drive up A.F. Canyon this past weekend and even though most of the pretty leaves are gone, it was still fun to see all the colors and spend the time with just us.
Taylor is constantly wanting us to put her princess dress ups on...so we took it to Malibu with us and she chased her cousin Peter around wanting to dance with Prince Peter all day every day.
Yes...She is now 1 year old! Crazy. She is so funny and cute and we love her. She has been kissing us goodnight while hanging upside down, since she was born and now when it is bedtime, she doesn't let us kiss her unless she is upside down.

Justin went out of town for work a while ago and I was dreading being home alone all week. He left me with a survival kit basket when I woke up...
There is a little "beach" by our house that we went to with our playgroup girls, so fun!

Sky has been walking since she was 9 months old...she is a little crazy mover

Life is great...More to come very soon..................