Tuesday, January 12, 2010

...and a Happy New Year! (christmas part 4) St George

So New Years was fun. I never have really liked this holiday very much.. just because I think I am so tired by midnight, or we just don't do anything that exciting. But this year was my favorite new years eve and all! The day after we got back from seattle, we got in the car and drove down to St. George to be with Justin's sister and her family. we love going down there! It was fun to visit, eat, play the wii, and play with the kids.. and EAT! So we decided to do a fondue dinner. 3 Course thing with cheese then brothy stuff for the meat and veggies and then chocolate for desert of course. LOVED it! Then we went outside and did some fireworks with all the kids. Then we celebrated new years at 9:30ish, and the kids went to bed, and us big kids stayed up and played! It was so much fun to be there with them and I'm grateful for family that lives so close and wish my own fam lived closer, but it was fun to spend the holidays with so many people we love! Oh and on christmas we got to talk to justin's brother and sister on their missions in Denmark and Kirtland! MIss their guts but they are doing amazing! Merry New years everybody!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas Time Part 3 (Washington)

So we woke up to a white christmas... its not a snow white christmas.. its a washington white christmas.. where its super frosty outside.. its looks like it snowed. Everything really is white! So that was pretty cool.

We walked down by the water by my house and played at a little park. It was freezing, but a good time!


Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas Time Part 2 (Washington)

We flew home to Port Orchard, WA to spend Christmas with the Katz family! I loved being home and being able to have our whole family there for once in a long time was a super awesome thing! (Dad, Mom, Ammon, Me and Justin and Taylor, Michelle and her boyfriend Isaai and Carter, Larisa, and our great dane Anna~) My parents absolutely spoiled us, but I'm not complaining!

We left Taylor and my nephew Carter with some babysitters and had a night out in Seattle with the family! It was so much fun~
First... the ferry ride across the water to seattle from my town is always SO much fun and so pretty!

Then we ate at this nice place called Salty's, right on the water looking straight over to the Seattle Skyline! It was so pretty! The best seafood I have ever had, and just so fun! Yep, I finished a whole pound of crab all by my lonesome! Pretty sure I will be wiping butter off my face and hands for the rest of my life!

Then we drove into downtown Seattle where my mom surprised the girls with tickets to go see broadways's touring "White Christmas!" My all time favorite movie! The play was amazing, and so fun! At the end when they sing white christmas, it starts snowing on the audience! I don't know if it was snow makers or what but it was Magic! And the whole crowd sings right along with them! LOVED IT!

So Christmas eve we go and drive looking at lights... well this house was RIDICULOUS!!! So cool. You get out of your car and walk around their whole yard that is decorated by lights on every inch!!! There is a river of blue with a bride you cross over, every character from disney or whatever you can think of blown up and lit so cool. It had santa's workshop, his sleigh, an outdoor movie with little cars kids could sit in and watch like a drive in, a little train for kids to ride, everything you can imagine! SO FUN!

Of course there are always Christmas eve PJ's! Taylor has learned to say "cheese" for the camera this trip, so we have a good cheeser of her. Her cousin carter and her are only 5 days apart, her being the older of the two.. you would never guess.. they are about as opposite as they come.. but they sure do love each other

Christmas Time Part 1 (Utah)

Temple Lights... Taylor Loved it but it was free-ZING!

We had a nice dinner and White Elephant/Gift Exchange with the Wirig crew before we all went different ways for our Christmas

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Lots to post... Just got home from an amazing Christmas Break...