Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Where to Start?! and we're having a...

Yes, first off we went to get our ultrasound yesterday and saw our baby GIRL! So cute and she was moving all over. We have a dvd of it and pictures. I love her a ton already. It will be fun for tay to have a sister so close and for us not to have to buy all new boy stuff!!!

I said I was going to update this once a week... that was a month ago or something. A LOT has been happening so get ready for a big ol post!
Justin and I got to get away by ourselves for the first time since we have had Taylor. His parents watched Taylor for us down in St. George with his sister's kids while they went on a get away as well. They are the best! We went to California and just basically did whatever we wanted. We met up with Danielle and Stuart at Disneyland on friday and that was a lot of fun. Other than that we just took it easy, visited some family, and drove around.

My old roommate, Mikale, Came into town too so a few of us got together to for a little bit and catch up.

Then we had Easter. Tay had a lot of fun this year! Thanks to her grandma and grandpa Wirig, they had an easter egg hunt for us all at their house! It was conference weekend as well and my whole family was here for my sister Michelle's wedding. It was really good and for some reason I have no pictures of it. But we are really happy for them! It was fun, as always, to spend time with my family!

Taylor loves hats and getting dressed. She brought me everything to wear right here except the sweater. Not bad I guess.

This is Taylor in our parking lot...she would NOT cross the big ol cracks. Now she has gotten more brave and doesn't care. But it was pretty funny.

Don't mind the heart attack on the plate, but we went out to dinner at the Outback.

I came out of the bathroom and taylor was staring up at me with this cheeser smile and put the glasses on all by herself...she was very proud! She LOVES wearing glasses as well!

Another thing she LOVES is basketball. She loves to watch it and play it. The ball is as big as her still, but she loves it and it was her first "BIG" word a while ago. "Bat-ket-bah!"

We all went to Thanksgiving point petting zoo place with the Tay's cousins. It was fun and she loved it...she even rode a horse!