Saturday, June 14, 2008

The REST of CALI trip!

So anyways, the boys went fishing while the girls hung out and went shopping. The next day we all woke up early and headed out for Disneyland. If you ever want the BEST time of your life at Disneyland, go with the Wirig family for the best experience you will ever have there. I love watching everyone get so excited, the rides all planned out of where and what time we go on them, the fast pass runner in between rides, everyone singing and walking perfectly to the beat of the music on disneyland's Main Street. Hands in the air and smiles from EVERYONE watching, its like a musical! :) Really it makes me so happy. So we went, and it was my birthday so I got to go the the City Hall and Goofy got to sing happy birthday to me, while the worker gave me a button that said my name and happy birthday on it. So all throughout the day, everyone was telling me happy birthday, not just the workers, but random people too. A little girl named Jordan asked if she could come to my birthday! SO first ride, PETER PAN! Here is everyone getting onto Peter Pan~

And here is the fam! Um, but Kara got cut off by the spitting storyteller.. sorry Kar!

Oh yeah, the second ride we went on was Pinocchio! We were the only one's on the ride, and when we got off two disneyland workers gave our whole group free Hopper Passes to Disneyland and California Adventure with Fast Passes to the most popular rides! Its was an awesome suprise. WE are part of Disney's year of A MILLION DREAMS! THANKS WALT! Anyway that was fun. We stayed from9 in the morning until 11 at night. It was a long, fun-filled day.
Our last night on the beach we all took pictures and enjoyed the sunset.

I Love the BEACH!

Friday we all headed to San Diego. WE took a tour of the Midway. An old Aircraft Carrier. It was HUGE but pretty cool to see how people lived on there for so long and how perfect everything had to run in order to survive!
Here is Danielle giving Justin a haircut in the barber shop! She's a pro! They even had a JAIL on the boat!
After we went to Old Town San Diego and ate some lunch. Then that night we went to a Padres Game where they played the New York Mets! Padres WON!!! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO PADRES... we are now fans!

It was a way fun trip, I love spending time with family any chance I get. I love that Justin's is SO close and we get to see them all the time! I love them!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


OH MAN!!!! I Love vacations... especially when they are with the people you love most. The Wirig family took a road trip out to Oceanside, CA where we stayed for a week at a beachouse! I really had so much fun. I love the beach... and everything that has to do with it, watching the surfers catch a wave :) or family out catching waves of their own boogie boarding. One of God's creations that we don't get to see everyday so I am grateful we got to spend some time out there.
The trip there was fun. We rode with Justin's brother BJ and his cute prego wife Katie. I'm glad cause I didnt feel as bad asking to take a pit stop every second. Only got car sick once and then we were on our way again. :) We got to the house in the early evening and it was awesome. We spent time just hanging out and talking, playing games, had a beach day and all sorts of other things. One morning there was a big huge aircraft carrier unloading troops that had been out to see for months. So thats what you see these boys pointing to out the window. Helicopters and boats going to and from the big ship. It was pretty cool. In the picture in the middle you can see justin's bummed middle finger.. nicely wrapped like a corndog. He shatterd it a couple weeks ago playing softball, and had surgery just a couple days before we left for cali. I felt bad for him. He cant swim or get it wet or dirty at all, and I know he wanted to go boogy-his-board bad! SOrry jus!

beach day!!!!I love this picture of Camden who is 3 1/2 and baby Grant Who is 6 1/2 months! He's big, but the CUTEST happiest baby ever. Cam's face is priceless too, he was getting squished
There is more to come of this trip but this is already a long post as it is.... so stay tuned!!!!!