Friday, December 11, 2009

Tis Christmas time!

Helping Grandma decorate the tree.

I love Christmas time. Thanksgiving was a blast with the Wirig Crew! I love every single one of them! I missed my family but we will be heading up to Seattle in a week to be with them for Christmas! So excited. Finals are almost done which I can hardly even hold it in how excited I am. Justin is doing awesome in everything he does. Taylor is the best. Thats all!

She LOVES wearing hats, or whatever on her head... she loves loves glasses. I popped the lenses out of these so that she Can just wear them around. Which she does. And when they fall off... she has us put them right back on! Hilarious!

Monday, November 23, 2009

The Best TWO Years!

So we celebrated our 2 year anniversary on the 17th! Crazy how time flies when you are having a blast! So much has happened since then its crazy. We have a one year old. This was our first time we could actually celebrate it because last year I just had taylor like 4 days before. Justin is a great husband and an AWESOME dad! He helps me out so much in every way and I love that! He is the best at everything he does and has huge dreams that I know we will accomplish one day! For our anniversary, since we are a weee bit excited for christmas he did the 12 day of Anniversary. it was pretty creative. Everyday he had a little note poem thing and then a present that came in twos. Like 2 shoes for bowling one day, or dinner for two, movie for two, two games, earrings and necklace... etc. I loved every day and couldnt wait to see what he would come up with! Anyway I am grateful for everyone that has touched our lives, its been for good, and we literally love everyone. And now my heart is squished! Happy thanksgiving everyone!

Here are just a couple pics I could find from our wedding. Full of family, friends, and fun!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

First Birthday!

Welp, Taylor is 1, which I can hardly believe. Seems like just a year ago we were in the hospital and she was born! Crazy. :) I love that little Little so much and now I can't even imagine our lives without her in it! She is hilarious. She is walking ALL over the place, singing and dancing and Leading ANY music that plays. She is probably the happiest baby EVER. She loves everybody too. She is kinda turning into a little sassy bossy bum but hopefully we can simmer that down some how. So yeah! Happy birthday Tay!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Cali and Halloweenie

We got to go to california for a wirig family vacation a couple weeks ago. It was so fun staying at family's house and being surrounded by family every second. I LOVE IT! We hung out, went to the park, the beach, disneyland a couple times, and the boys went to the BYU game down in San Diego. I loved every second of this trip. Taylor did so great and LOVED disneyland, but mostly I think she just loved being with her cousins and fam too! She is a social bug and we love that she is such a happy, great girl! She is almost 1!! Crazy!

Taylor pulling out the Sword in the Stone! She came very close.

Some of the Fam riding a Bugs' Life

Yo-Ho Yo-Ho a Pirate's Life for me!

After a long 2 days of Disneyland, we were sitting exhausted and"homeless" waiting for our ride!

Having fun at the Beach!

And we got to meet our new cutie niece Jillian

Taylor was a bumble bee for halloween! Loved her costume! And here she is with her cousins Grant and Emma

Oh and She is walking now

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I love my family... thats all I have to say.

Monday, September 28, 2009

So, its been a while...

Its been a while since I have posted anything, but I have no time. Fall is here which is exciting. Justin and I are both busy with school and our baby Tay! She is 10 and a half months old already which I can hardly believe, and she keeps us cracking up every minute! Welcome new babies "cole and Jillian" to the wirig crew! (right spelling yeah dan?) BYU football season is here as well, which um, is Justin's second wife I guess you could say. BYU football and I have a love/hate relationship. Love it when I get to go to games and watch them, hate them because it doesn't just end at the game. Every game is a week long (Literally) until the next one starts. taylor LOVED going to the game. Sat there, cheered and clapped when everyone else did. Pretty sure she is their biggest/littlest fan! So go BYU eh?! I got to go to WA to visit my family about a month ago, which was fun. Justin and the boys went to texas to go root on BYU at the hugeungous stadium and toured around. My Mother-in-Law gave us a girls night, while the boys were gone which included a nice catered dinner, massages, and glitter toes. The nice thing is that the people came to the house so we didn't have to go out, we could all just relax and have a great time. THANKS SO MUCH!! LOVED IT! Life is busy, but great. I have it very very good! I love my family!

Even the baby girls loved girls spa night!

Taylor's plane ride.. she loved it, but the people on the plane loved her more. They would all take her and play with her while I got school work done, including the flight attendants!

Snuggling Uncle Ammon

So I have to explain this picture... we caught her in the act... Taylor likes to say a naughty word..."sh**" I don't know where she got it or what, but she likes to say it in church and to people she doesn't know which is just great. This is a picture of her saying it... its pretty funny, but kinda not. Just recently we figured out that she is saying "whats that" I think, uh, haha, I think.

BYU Game!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Happy Days and Birthdays!

Fun past weeks! We celebrated birthdays and almost birthdays and all sorts of Happy!
Here is my Mother in Law on her birthday!

The Party Gang except Beej who is taking the picture! We had a "little kid" birthday party with Pin the tail on the donkey, Piniata, and wheelbarrow races!

Next was Justin's Grandmother's 80th birthday!! So fun, we all got dressed up and had an "Besst-ie awards night" Like an acadamy awards for her, with awards and presentations and all that! Tried to dress up in Old Fashioned whatevers! It was a blast! She is an amazing woman!

Then we got to go down to St. George to visit my sister-in-law Danielle and help her out. She is about to have her 5th little baby and we are SO excited! Cutest kids ever!! Taylor LOVED hanging out with all her cousins!!

Taylor was taught this face by her cousin Mitchell! While doing this she breathes really hard out of her nose, if she is on the floor she chases you doing it...

Now we are all just enjoying the rest of the little summer we have left, and awaiting our new niece and nephew!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Hey Everybody... anyone want to play flag football or soccer for fall?! Co-ed intramurals! I am not good at either of these but think it would just be fun to do SOMETHING because Im going out of my mind. Justin and I are going to do it together... SO let me know if you are interested because we need teammates! :) Its going to be in orem. I think just part of UVU or whatev

Friday, July 17, 2009

4th of July and such...

4th of July has never been one of my favorite holiday... until now. It was so fun this year. In my in-laws' neighborhood, they do a little parade that goes through it, just people that live there and their families are in it. So we got to march with our big girl tu-tu's and walk it. Fun fun. then we swam and had a great day hanging out with family and having a seafood boil. YUMMMM!

We went to an Orem Owls Baseball game! Fun Fun!

Taylor and her cousin Emma playing... as you can see Taylor loves her, Emma doesn't look to thrilled that taylor keeps mauling her though!

Swimming Time!!!