Wednesday, December 19, 2007

So Lucky!

So its been over a month since This awesome day! Crazy how time flies!
Could not be happier right
now though, thats for
sure! I seriously have been
thinking about how lucky I really am though. I
have the best guy anyone could ask for, I have the
greatest friends that have helped me through the best and worst times of my life and a family that loves and supports me every step of the way! Life is full of ups and downs and inbetweeners. But it is so exciting! I love living in the moment but can't wait until the next! Love is a gift . I am grateful for the chance I have to Love and be Loved. Justin and I went to St. George this weekend to spend some time with family. We loved it and I am so grateful for the new family I have. I am grateful for the knowlege that I have that I get to be with the ones I love most Forever! Thank you for examples, friendships and everything! Love you ALL!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmas is HERE!

Well for me, the wedding stuff has pretty much simmered down and now I get to think about Christmas! My favorite holiday! I love just driving in the snow, listening to Christmas music and seeing all the lights and half melted snowmen. We get to go home to Washington for Christmas this year, which will be nice to be home for a little bit. We got our tree up and our little home all decorated and been watching movies like, "White Christmas".. the all time greatest Christmas movie, "A Christmas Carol".. the old one, which honestly scared me. Anyway, I love this time of year! I hope everyone is enjoying this Holiday seaon!

Friday, December 7, 2007


So we left for Cancun, MX on monday morning after we got married! It was so much fun. The Only lame thing was that when we got to the airport they said they switched planes so we lost our spots and closest they could seat us together was right across the isle from each other! Ha, funny but kinda rediculous! So after 4.5 hours we arrived at our amazing hotel! The water was so pretty there and we had tons of fun. A jungle tour where we had our own private speed boat and went through all these mangroves and saw animals and birds and stuff. Then rode out to the ocean to a reef where we went snorkling! Then we went on this sky-rider where there was a huge storm and so they pulled us down early. I really thought the tiny little rope would break and we would float away to nowhereland! It was time to go home and face reality, which is awesome as well so life is good! Oh and we had our whole bench on the plane to ourselves on the way home!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

OuR EnGaGmEnT!!!!

So we went on a roadtrip at the end of July to California with his family! One of the best vacations ever! We did a lot of things. Stayed in a beach house and got to take walks on the beach every night :) Went deep sea fishing where Justin and I together caught the biggest fish on the boat! We went and saw the play Wicked. We went the the Orange County Fair, and so much more I can hardly remember! Our last night at the beach house we went for one more walk on the beach. The moon was full and we just stood there and watched the waves! He started telling me all of these sweet things, and I, being the oblivious girl that I am, thought nothing of it. He was shaking as we stood there and hugged and I asked him why? He said he was nervous and Again I asked why? Anyway, later he said I really have a question for you and I was like "huh?" Then started to click as he reached down and pulled a box out of his pocket! I was like "nuh UH!" He asked me to marry him and of course I said "YES!" Just the moonlight was all we had to see the sparkling diamond ring, but that was enough. I was so excited and in shock! We walked back to the house where his WHOLE family was there! WE all took pictures and celebrated! SO MUCH FUN! The next day... Disneyland!!!

The Build UP

Justin and I started dating last March and its been SO fun! Lots of road trips and unforgettable dates! I knew he was different than everyone else I've dated just because I actually got to go on dates, build a friendship first before anything else! And so we did and it's just worked out perfectly!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

its a "w" for WIRIG!.. I couldn't do that and so I just crossed my fingers!

The Best DAY EVER!!!