Wednesday, March 25, 2009

4 Months Old and 1st Trip to Washington

Well, Taylor and I took a quick trip up to Washington for a wedding and to visit family. My friend Jana came with us to visit her fam as well. IT was a fun trip. Taylor did really well on the airplane and Charmed everyone with her smile and laughs.... EVERYONE.. the pilot, some jamaican guy on the plane was staring and then said.."WHOA SHE MOVED!!!" hahaha, "I thought she was not real, WHOA she moved again" I get that a lot. Come on people, I am almost 24. I don't exactly carry a baby doll all over anymore. We got to spend time with my parents and sisters and went out to dinner with my brother. Justin had to stay home for school, but we sure did miss him so much. I hate going places without him. I played a video of him and Taylor for her every night before bed and she would just grab the video camera and smile really big and talk back to him. SO CUTE. Anyways, FUN times.

Here is Taylor in some of her cowgirl get up. Clearly Lovin it!
She also LOVES Uncle Kimball!!! He played her songs and she fell right to sleep. She gives him the biggest smiles!
Taylor loved the Airplane rides!