Thursday, August 18, 2011

Summer Has Been CRAZY fun!

It has been so long since I have posted anything on this blog! Pretty sure I don't have anyone that checks this anymore, but if you do, I have an update of our summer happenings! There are a lot of pictures for my own self, but enjoy if you would like.
This summer has been so busy and full of fun! We have spent a lot of time at the pool, playing outside at parks, reunions, and trips to St. George. The 4th of July was a lot of fun and we did the annual neighborhood parade at Justin's parent's house. Taylor marched the whole time. We had fun that day swimming and eating loads of good food. I took the kids down to St. George with my sister-in-law Kara to watch their cousins while Stu and Danielle went on Trek. It was so fun to spend time with Kara and all of those little kids. We went to a splash pad, toddler time at the library, played outside doing water games, and just hanging out. One of my best friends, Mikale, got married last week! I am so excited she is back in Utah. She was such a beautiful bride, and I also got to see some old familiar faces from the Raintree days!
We just got back from Panguitch, UT from the Barton family reunion. (Justin's side) It was fun to camp and hang out with everyone and meet more family that I never had in person. They are all so great and its so fun to be part of a huge awesome family. We were only there for a few days, but it went by fast and the kids stayed busy playing with all the other little cousins running around.
Update on Taylor... she is the funniest kid in the world. She sings CONSTANTLY, she is in gymnastics, loves to pray and read her scriptures (wooo so far so good) and she is just a great little girl. I am so lucky she was sent to our family!
Update on Skylar... She is now 10 months. She started walking at 9 months old. She is EVERYWHERE! Her and Taylor LOVE each other. They laugh and play all day long. She tries to repeat words we tell her, but she can say mama, dada, tayter, gma, papa and who knows what else. She is such a loving little girl who loves everyone. We love her so much and it's so fun to watch her grow!
The SKY sleeps with her bum in the Air... just like my little sis used to
Girls at the Reunion putting on their makeup for movie night
At The kid store at the Barton reunion

All Ready To race to the finish line

Kids Tug Of War...
Everyone at the Reunion Listening To Instructions for Family Style The Amazing Race Game
It was pretty hot but we had fun
Heidi, Alli, Me and Angela at Mikale's reception
Tay Dancing the Night Away
Emily and Me and the Temple
Mikale and Ammon
In St. George Playing in the Sand With Cousin Jillian
Big Cousin Camden Playing Pictionary Man with These girls
Taylor at the Splash pad in st. george... Not knowing whether to go all the way in or not
More of The splash pad
Toddler time where they sing, dance, color, and read books at the library in St. George
Tay is In Gymnastics... she is pretty good
Sky wanting in on all the action
4th of July kids watching the games
Big Cousin Josslyn loving Sky
Family hot tubbin Time
Tay loves to swim.. We love her swimming suit
My Sisters and I Went out to dinner in SLC with my grandma.