Monday, July 12, 2010

4th, Zoo, Disneyland and Malibu

Its been a fun past few weeks. The 4th of July was great as usual. We went to Justin's Parents' neighborhood and watched their cute parade and had the big breakfast and games. Then we just hung out, swam, and ate some good food. Later we watched fireworks. Danielle and her family were up from St. George, so we took all the kids to the zoo on monday. Also, justin's brother BJ and wife Katie blessed their cute new little baby Ellie on sunday.

Uncle Justin

So then Randomly and last minute we all decided to go down to California for a fun week of beach and play. we got everyone we could from the wirig Fam and took the trek out there to Malibu where some of my family have a beach house and were super kind to let us stay there while nobody else was. My favorite vacations as a kid were at that house. We saw a seal, some dolphins, lots of surfers and paddle boarders, and awesome view everyday. The house is sitting on stilts, so the water literally goes under the house and splashes up onto the lower deck when its high tide. We all slept great with the sound of the ocean just right in our ears! On Friday, we also just last minute went to Disneyland, and as usual, was a blast! They had this awesome parade that the kids LOVED and all the characters stopped right in front of where we were and gave high 5's and pulled the kids out to dance in the street with them. It was so fun. I couldn't go on all the big rides again, but it was magical day as always. We ended it with the disneyland fireworks which is my favorite part!

Standing in line for Peter pan
Daddy's Girl for sure!
Tay found some binocs and thought it was a camera... so she would say "cheese" everytime she would look through them.
Nephew Camden holding the big ol shell
So taylor woke up and went out on the upper deck to go look at the ocean. I went out and couldn't find her. I snuck up on this chair and there she was just takin it all in. So cute

The House
We missed everyone that couldn't come!
Baby is doing good. I am almost 30 weeks thank heavens..feeling it, and looking it.
Sister-in-law Kara gets home next week from her mission in Kirtland. I can't even wait.
Life is good.
I also got to stop by and visit my mom who is with my grandma in the hospital in Vegas after her horrible car accident, but she is doing great.