Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Yee Haw Rodeo & A St. George Quickie

We got to go to the Lehi Rodeo on friday. That was a blast. Justin had never been to one, and I love them. We went with our friends from the ward who are expecting twins. So it wasn't all the comfy sitting on the bleachers but it was worth it.
We took a quick trip down to St. George Saturday morning to move my grandma down there. So that was fun to visit with her and then of course stop by and visit the Squires family... who talked us into staying the night. Its fun to have family all over. Pretty much WAY too hot for me down there in the summer to live, but its a nice visit everytime!
Oh and everything is going good with being pregnant besides feeling like I am so filled with water that you could throw me in a pool and I would just float. 27 weeks down... too many to go.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Fathers' Day, Birthday, and Summer

Its been a good month. It started off with my 25th birthday that I got to celebrate with family. Fathers' Day was a good day. I am grateful for all the dad's in my life. Justin is an awesome dad. Taylor LOVES her daddy, in fact she doesn't call for me when she wakes up or is sad, its "daddy". But I love that. It's only "mommy" when she gets hurt. We are grateful for him and all he does for this family. We had a picnic and then went to dinner at the Wirig house. After we got to go spend some time with his grandparents. Taylor LOVES them and instead of calling them grandma and grandpa Great its Grape. WE showed her a picture of them and she smiles and says "grapes!" They are so sweet and we love them so much! It was a good day. Now one month from tomorrow Justin's sis and mine too, gets home from her mission in Kirtland! Can hardly wait!
Grandma and Grandpa "Grape"
Loves her daddy!
My awesome family
Fun fun
Tay with her cousin "grantie" and she loves him too
Birthday BBQ with new soft serve ice cream machine!!
Swimming time

Happy summer

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A St. Georgey Memorial Day

This weekend was way fun. We decided to go down to St. George and spend some time with our favorite family down there. Taylor loves hanging out with her big cousins and we love hanging out with everyone too. We went somewhere past Mesquite where its a natural hot springs pools and park and stuff. So we spent saturday there and it was fun. Sunday was church and just hanging out. Monday we woke up, and the boys and Joss went fishing while Danielle and I took the 2 littles and went shopping and got some killer deals on some kids clothes at the outlets. Then we came home and watched the kids play outside on the slip and slide and in sprinklers. I don't think anything beats just hanging out in your backyard playing in sprinklers. They were having a blast. We had a little bbq and then headed home that night so Justin could make it back to work by morning. It was a good time as always! Taylor is growing up and its crazy how much she learns without me even knowing. She will copy anything you say pretty much, she sings songs, and she has got a way funny personality. I must say though, she is a girl with attitude and if you make her, she WILL show you! Crazy there are going to be 2 little girls in this house soon. Almost to my 3rd trimester and I can hardly wait to not be pregs anymore. Oh we also bought a new car... Honda Pilot and we are liking it :)

Here are girl cousins riding and singing "wheels on the bus"
Best Buds Taylor and her cousin Emma at their dads' baseball game
Taylor LOVED the trampoline down there!
Watching the big kids slip and slide
And loving it herself
Blondie and we love her
The squires bunch ready to slide...these kids are HILARIOUS...and we love them too
Just resting at the park and pool
On the road again
Gotta love tramp hair... and by tramp I mean trampoline