Friday, January 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Justin!!!

Justin is 25!!! We went to the Jazz game on Tuesday to celebrate, but of course they had to LOSE! Whatever, it was still fun! Then yesterday we had a little get together with family that was around and had a little dinner and cake.

Taylor LOves her Daddy!

She also Likes to go to Church, thats a good sign. She just is so cute~!

OH she turned 2 months, so she had to get her shots. It was so sad. The first time I ever saw tears when she cried. She was pretty good though, she was smiling at the nurse, and then bam, 3 needles, then she freaked, so I picked her up, she calmed right the heck down, and then I looked at her and she smiled.
She is in the 10th-25% in EVERYTHING. She weighed 9.11 and was 21.5 inches long. SHe is growing, but still is a little little girl, and we love that!

Her little Bandaid Legs.

Taylor is sleeping in her crib now, she takes a bath, then goes to sleep at 10, wakes up at 6:30 or 7!!! LOVE IT!

Kara Leaves for the MTC on Wednesday. We are all pretty sad about it, but try not to think about it right now. We will miss her, but she is doing the greatest thing ever. We couldn't be more proud of her! Love ya Kar!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Baby Blessing!!

Carter and Taylor, 5 days apart, cousins!

SHe is a little shy!

It is impossible for our family to all make normal faces in a picture. But it was fun to have them all here! My Aunt Tara and Uncle Eric came with their kids Helena, Olive, and Peter!

Just having a good time. They made an awesome lunch, Cafe Rio Salad, but BETTER!!! Seriously it was so good.
My sister and Her husban Oscar.. and my littlest sis Larisa on the right, she is moving down here for school this year!!! YiPPEE!!
Taylor was blessed by her Daddy on the 28th of December. Family and friends all came and it was super! I feel so grateful to be part of this Church! Carter was also blessed by my dad earlier that morning.

Christmas 2008

She Loves Santa. Christmas was awesome this year, and I got to spend it with the Wirigs! It was my first Christmas not with my family, but I wasn't even homesick. I lucked out with a great family to be a part of. Thanks to them, I felt loved and just as at home as I am in Washington. Below are a bunch of pictures of Christmas Eve. WE lost our camera for Christmas day, but it was a blast as well. Everyone got matching P.J.'s after we ate a very very yummy dinner. Then we had a little Christmas program where pretty much everyone did a musical number. Everyone is very musically talented in the Wirig family so it was so fun to watch and listen to everyone perform. The little boys sang "we three kings" the big boys played "jingle bells" on grandpa's head with wrapping paper tubes. Danielle played piano, Braden sang, Camden was our little drummer boy, Betty sang. Kimball and Steven played guitar and mandolin. Lots more, and it was great. Its so fun to have little kids around for Christmas, it puts a magic back into it that you seem to lose as you get older. All 7 grandkids, so far, were having a blast. You might not be able to tell from the picture of just them, but really, they were! :) Hope you all had a merry Christmas!