Wednesday, November 19, 2008

OK.... baby!!!! WHere to start?! So much has happened!

Taylor Ann Wirig

OUr family right after I had her... Um, clearly!

Her hospital Picture

Right after she was born! Cute Dimple!

Ok, long time... NO post. It has been quite an adventure these past few weeks and there is so much to explain, but I'm too lazy so I'll sum it all up as quick as I can. First of all, Justin's littlest brother, Michael, went into the MTC a couple weeks ago. He is going to Denmark. We already miss him so much, he was our pal that was ALWAYS up to play games and just make us laugh. Now he is fully serving the lord and its the greatest thing ever.

NOw baby TAYLOR ANN WIRIG is HERE!!!!! (Taylor is Justin's middle name and Ann is mine, thats how we came up with that) I wasn't due until the 24th, but I have been having way bad contractions for a couple weeks. Then REALLY bad one 2 days before. Anyway, we go into the hospital for like the millionth time at 2:30 a.m. on the 13th. I knew they were going to send me home but I prayed they wouldn't because I was in so much pain. They checked me after an hour and I had made progress so they decided I could stay and so they started hooking me up to I.V.'s and all that jazz. They gave me some pain medication through my I.V. so i could get some sleep. That worked. I woke up, went to the bathroom, then went back to sleep for like 5 min, when I was woken up at 6:00 a.m. by a nurse and this HUGE doctor dressed in green I had never seen before stripping my robe and sheets off and he started going to town with his huge fingers and I had no idea what was going on, I thought I might be ripping in half. (now I was on drugs and still half asleep so this was like a real nightmare coming to life, like you see in the movies they were all wavey and blurry) He pulls out a huge hook and I didnt even want to know what that was going to be for... but clearly not fishing. A second later, I felt my bed all wet and I could only guess they broke my water. After I calmed down and stopped screaming, I asked if they just broke my water and asked the big doc if he was Dr. Gammet? He was, and I said nice to meet you. (I have like 5 doctors and he was the ONE i had never met before) Anyway, They started the Patocin an hour later and they told me i could have the epadural anytime but should wait as long as I could. SO after they started the Patocin, I reacted really quickly to it and I thought I might die. So they gave me the epadural and life was heaven instead of the H. Word! All day long, friends and family stopped by. Baby was having weird things with her heart beat, but then they regulated it. Later that night I was finally dialated enough to push, so I pushed for an hour and a half, but she was stuck under my pelvic bone. SO... doctor Gamett came in with an army of Nurses. He looked a lot nicer this time. He had to use forceps because she was posterior( Face up) and they helped guide her out. He had Justin and everyone in the room sing, "Come come ye saint, no toil nor labor fear" which was awesome and the spirit was actually pretty strong in there! ( I found out later he makes people sing when he is doing the snip snip) GREAT! ANyway, she came out with a big ol front conehead and a big bruise on top from being stuck in the birth canal for so long. ( she looked like a dinosaur to tell you the truth, but she is still cute) Everything was great though. Healthy little baby girl She weighed 6.1 lbs. and was 18.5 inches long. SHe is so little. WHen we left the hospital she was 5.13 lbs. Friends and Family all came to welcome her into this world. I was so happy to see them! I love them all and am so grateful for such great support and love! OH I passed out onto the nurse in the bathroom which was just great! I wake up to 3 other nurses in there trying to get me to wake up. Haha, whatever! I am healing and feeling great! I love being a mom. I love Taylor and cant believe Heavenly Father trusts me so much with such a beautiful little daughter of his! I love it. I love Justin, he was SO great through everything! He is an awesome Dad! He changes like every diaper, and she loves cuddling him so much!
My sister, Michelle, was due the day after me on the 25th, but went into labor early too and just had her baby boy, Carter, yesterday morning at like 1:00 a.m. I got to be there for that. It was really cool.. and she had a lot of the same nurses as I did. She is having some problems recovering but I know she will get better soon. My mom made it down here in time for Taylor to be born, its been so nice having her stay with us and help out!
Taylor is a great sleeper and eater. She is back up to her birthweight and smiles a lot and has the cutest little dimple. She is just a relaxed whatev baby! So far... KNock on wood.
Thanks for all the prayers and notes and things from you all! LIfe is amazing, and I cant wait for the next moments!~

Holdin her own binki, she is such a big girl!

Grandma Katz and below Grandma Wirig

Aunts Natalie and Katie Grandpa Wirig and Uncle BJ

I cant wait for her little bruise to go away!