Monday, September 28, 2009

So, its been a while...

Its been a while since I have posted anything, but I have no time. Fall is here which is exciting. Justin and I are both busy with school and our baby Tay! She is 10 and a half months old already which I can hardly believe, and she keeps us cracking up every minute! Welcome new babies "cole and Jillian" to the wirig crew! (right spelling yeah dan?) BYU football season is here as well, which um, is Justin's second wife I guess you could say. BYU football and I have a love/hate relationship. Love it when I get to go to games and watch them, hate them because it doesn't just end at the game. Every game is a week long (Literally) until the next one starts. taylor LOVED going to the game. Sat there, cheered and clapped when everyone else did. Pretty sure she is their biggest/littlest fan! So go BYU eh?! I got to go to WA to visit my family about a month ago, which was fun. Justin and the boys went to texas to go root on BYU at the hugeungous stadium and toured around. My Mother-in-Law gave us a girls night, while the boys were gone which included a nice catered dinner, massages, and glitter toes. The nice thing is that the people came to the house so we didn't have to go out, we could all just relax and have a great time. THANKS SO MUCH!! LOVED IT! Life is busy, but great. I have it very very good! I love my family!

Even the baby girls loved girls spa night!

Taylor's plane ride.. she loved it, but the people on the plane loved her more. They would all take her and play with her while I got school work done, including the flight attendants!

Snuggling Uncle Ammon

So I have to explain this picture... we caught her in the act... Taylor likes to say a naughty word..."sh**" I don't know where she got it or what, but she likes to say it in church and to people she doesn't know which is just great. This is a picture of her saying it... its pretty funny, but kinda not. Just recently we figured out that she is saying "whats that" I think, uh, haha, I think.

BYU Game!!!