Thursday, January 20, 2011


Its a new year. yay. For new years eve we hung out with the whole wirig crew and had a fondue dinner thing. It was fun. The kids always have so much fun when they are together.
Playing ring around the rosies...
The Little Cousins...
Kimball's Birthday Dinner
Taylor was so excited to Give uncle kimball birthday presents at work, and cried for him when we left because he was on his lunch break and she didn't get to see him.
My family came out for a week and half and hung out. Loved it. Here we are at tucanos. Just missing my big brother who had to stay in seattle and work
Taylor loves working out with me. Ha. She picked out her outfit, and I love it. Just getting her snack afterwards.
Here is little chubby skylar. 4 months old now.
Taylor always has to "hold it". But "it" could probably hold taylor instead.
While my mom was here we drove down to st. george for a day and played with my grandma.
At the Childrens museum in salt lake. Taylor thought it was amazing that paper could fly over a fan
She just is shopping and she was LOVING that everything was her size. She loves going to the real store.
Riding a huge plastic horse with her cousin carter
Taylor and carter. 5 days apart. They LOVE each other and NEVER fight when they are together.

And here is a video of taylor singing the 1st article of faith. She loves to sing

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas '10

Kinda a long and lot of pics
Taylor was Very Proud of her decorating
Well Christmas this year was another fun filled time for us! Taylor is now 2 and old enough to LOVE everything about this holiday. She loved Santa ( i thought she would freak but she just talked and hugged him) Skylar on the other hand did not love that big guy. We made gingerbread houses, played in the snow, and just hung out and had a good time. Christmas eve dinner was amazing there at the Wirig house and beautiful as always. That was followed by opening pajamas and having the annual dance rave with glowsticks around the Christmas tree! Finally we went to bed and Taylor was WAY too excited she couldn't sleep. She just kept saying she wanted to see santa (she clearly doesn't get that you have to be asleep for him to come) then she finally passed out then woke up in a frantic at 3 in the morning screaming to go upstairs and see santa. We woke up finally and opened presents and had breakfast with everyone. Then went to our house and had our little family christmas. We were so blessed with lots of love from both families! Right before christmas, Skylar and I flew home to WA to pick up a car and drive it back. So it was a short trip, but I got to spend some time with my grandma and parents! So that was fun.
Kids Dancing with the glowsticks
Sky's first Christmas
Tran siberian Orchestra Dance rave

Story Time with Grandma and Grandpa Great
Beautiful Dinner Table for Christmas Eve
Kids Table and Taylor did not want to sit alone
Grandma "grape" (great)
Gingerbread Night
We made santa's sleigh
Kids with Santa
4 Generations
Classic Sink Bath
Loving the Airplane

The End