Sunday, October 31, 2010


She smiles
So does she...

Crazy how time flies by and I forget to document things... so, I am going to forget a bunch of stuff, but I will try. We went down to St. George to get away for some fun time with our favorite St. George family! We love our Squires! Its fun to have family other places that aren't super far so we can visit! It was justin's sister Danielle's birthday while we were down there, so we got to spend that with her and play games all sorts, go out to dinner, and have some birthday cake! The whole other days were filled with visiting, playing lot of games, and bowling, and fun! My grandparents also got to come visit their new great grandbaby for the first time and taylor was LOVING them! It was fun to see them for a little bit too. I've been trying to make Halloween fun for Tay this year because she kinda gets what is going on. So this whole past week we did a halloween craft together. That was fun! For halloween, I had NO idea what to make her be... so i was thinking of movies that she loves and one of her favs is "UP" so I wanted something homemade and easy. She was the house from up and Justin was Mr. Fredrickson. They were at a hit everywhere. We went trick or treating at justin's huge work party at adobe and then last night around the neighbor hood. Holidays are SO much more fun with little kids! I can HARDLY WAIT for thanksgiving and christmas. Oh and justin's youngest brother gets home from his mission in Denmark on the 10th. And taylor is almost 2! Lots to look forward to. Skylar is doing awesome and growing SO fast! We love her. She is 6 weeks on tuesday!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

2 weeks today...

Warning.. lots of pics
So, Holy Cow...time flies!!! Its been 2 weeks today since are sweet little Skylar was born. I can't believe it. She had her 2 week appointment today and she has already grown a lot. She is 7 pounds 3 oz. and 20 inches long. I can't convince her to stop sleeping all day and just sleep all night. That is a work in progress that hopefully she will get very SOON! She isn't a crier though. She is easy to please and just likes to hang out. My mom was here for 2 weeks and now is gone and its sad. Taylor LOVED having her here and asks for her all the time now. Especially when she isn't getting what she wants from me. We blessed Sky on sunday after conference so that my parents would be able to be here as well. IT was a great blessing and I feel so grateful for Justin that he could give it to her and for a family that is Forever! I love being a mom and wouldn't trade it ever! Conference was awesome even though I need to go back and listen/read ALL the talks again because Taylor would not stop being crazy. oh and I LOVE that its fall outside!

Our Family for Skylar's Blessing
Grandma and Grandpa Wirig
Grandma and Grandpa Great (wirig)
Grandma and Grandpa Katz
Between sessions we took taylor to a corn maze and farm thing by our house.. she love it

Taylor and I spent a little time together at temple square while my mom took skylar with her to a meeting in salt lake. We had a fun time and tay LOVES that Jesus. She didn't want to leave and she just kept whispering his name.
Best friends
Other best friends... eventually
When we brought skylar home from the hospital.. taylor was all the sudden SO big.. even though she is still little.
Daddy daughter date to the byu game. She wouldn't sleep the other day for her nap, instead she kept saying something, so I went upstairs and listened.. she was shouting, "BYU Cougars!"
Her new baby and stroller from her sister.
Lots of people came to visit at the hospital...
Uncle Kimball
Grandma Great
Aunt Larisa
Uncle Steve
Aunt Danielle, all the way up from St. George!! Thanks for coming! We love you guys!
Aunt Michelle
Aunt Natalie
Grandma Katz