Friday, February 11, 2011

Not much here

January is over... halfway through February. Crazy. I really cant wait for summer... not even summer, spring at least! The girls and I have been cooped up inside all winter and I am losing it a bit I would say. Can't wait to go for walks outside or just anywhere really. I'm done being cold and just want to go play now.
Taylor, as of lately, WONT take a nap unless I stay in there until she falls asleep, which doesn't work all the time because Skylar is awake...or she falls asleep eating "a snack"
Skylar is more pleasant than ever. Love this little girl. She is 4 and half months now and weighs 12 pounds. She laughs a lot and LOVES taylor. As of lately she has figured out how to Roll all over the place.
The 3 here just looking at dad's computer trying to figure out what songs to work out to...
Birthday lunch with my sisters at Nasty Wingers. Sticky fingers salad is pretty good though
Found her sunglasses and she wouldn't take THOSE off at all...

Life is good