Friday, February 20, 2009

LOTS LOTS...Farewell Kara...Hello Malibu..Happy Valentines Day

Its been a fun past couple of weeks. We took a trip down to Malibu, CA to stay a beach house. My sis/bro-in law Danielle and Stuart got to come with us. My parents, sister and her baby were down there too. taylor got to meet her Great grandparents for the first time(katz's) Its always Nice to get away for a while. Here is a little rundown and a lot of pics.. enjoy

Our Valentines Dinner... a very long, cold story behind this, but it was fun. Lets just say we had to sit outside cause everything was packed... it was right on the water, and it was very pretty...but the temp dropped about 60,000 degrees while we were out there, and our crab dipping butter turned into a solid in no time flat :) Making memories is what it is all about

the WHOLE lobster was on our plate, and staring at us none the less...didnt exactly know how to react!

Love that guy!

So it was way nice one day at the beach, so we decided to stay at the house and play games on the deck all afternoon. Taylor loved it outside, but we forgot sunscreen, so i wrapped one of my hats around her tiny head with her bow to sinch it on.

Always an ordeal to take a group photo when it comes to my family. THis is Taylor's Great Grandma and Grandpa Katz, with my sister Michelle and her baby Carter

One rainy day we walked the Santa Monica Pier, and we played in an arcade. Danielle Kicked my bum at ski ball, but we got back at her and stu when we dominated fooz ball... pretty sure thats NOT how you spell it

4 Generations

My mom and dad were down to visit too, so here is Tay and Grandma hangin out on the deck

The Gang

This picture cracks me up. She loves to stand, but she is so tiny, she is just a little person.

A couple weeks ago, one of my greatest friends ever came to visit. Miss ya Kale

Then that same weekend, we had a roomie get together from one of the years at raintree... 4 of us grew up together, and Nichole was up from st. George

My sis-in-law Kara went into the MTC on the 4th of Feb. Sad day for everyone, but happy, its weird you can have both at the same time. She is doing great!

Setting apart Night

3 Months OLD!!!!!

Time is FLYING by!!!!! Tay is 3 months old already...still little, but she is such a big girl. I will post more pics later!