Monday, November 29, 2010


This past week has been great. I love thanksgiving time and that we get to spend a whole day thinking of the blessings in our lives. We spent thursday with Justin's parents since we couldn't get up to Washington this year. I'm so glad that I feel just as at home there as I do with my family. My little sister came over too, so that was fun. Dinner was SUPER and I stuffed myself silly. A few years ago, my back went out and caused me not to be able to go on my mission. I was super bummed, but turned out that I met Justin right then, and now I have 2 beautiful girls. the other day, that same thing happened, and luckily Justin was home so he could pick me up off the floor, and give me a blessing. I feel blessed to have a husband that can do that and that he took care of me and these crazy kids like a champ. I'm grateful for awesome friends throughout my life that have been there for me. And for my family that I feel so blessed to have. I love my life.
Skylar at 2 months old now...

Taylor's 1st snow experience

They love each other, and I love that
And this pic best describes their personalities.
They are funny little kids

Friday, November 19, 2010

3 Years

Well it was our 3 year anniversary on the 17th. We celebrated by going out to dinner at Christopher's in SLC and then to the Jazz game! It was a blast. My sisters watched the kids, so it was fun to just be able to be the 2 of us for a while! We both are big jazz fans and actually started dating because of us playing basketball in our BYU ward together. We have had a ton of things happen these past few years! Including 2 KIDS!!! Crazy! I love that we are married FOREVER. I'm grateful for temples, that we could be sealed together for eternity and now my girls are always going to be with us! He's an awesome dude, and I'm grateful for every second of our lives together! Life is good!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Welcome home and Tay's Birthday!


So its been a crazy couple weeks. Justin's littlest Brother, Michael, got back from his mission in Denmark! It was so fun waiting for him to come through the doors at the airport and getting to see him come through with that missionary glow. There have been 5 grandkids born while he was gone! His mom and dad have done a good job getting all 5 boys off on missions and one of the girls! 6 MISSIONARIES!! That's crazy! Now everyone is back and we are loving it right in time for the holidays! It was also taylor's 2nd birthday!!! I can't believe she is 2. I love her so much and am grateful every day that heavenly father sent her to us! Our lives have changed for the better because of her and skylar in our lives. We celebrated by going to kangaroo zoo and then watching the BYU game of course and had cake and presents. She LOVES all of her aunts and uncles and cousins and we are so blessed to have almost everyone live SO close to us! She blesses each one of them in her prayers at night.

Taylor and Cousin Josslyn waiting for uncle mike
Part of our crowd with signs...
Brothers just waiting...
we love each other
Kara and Me... happy she is home!
Jillian and Tay.. taylor is a year older but they are the same size!

And there he is! Welcome home mike!
Taylors Birthday... she LOVES her new microphone!
Cake Eaters
She loves birthdays! Did not know what to do with herself when it was actually her own!

Aunt Kara being an awesome aunt!~ These kids LOVE her!
The crew that went to the kangaroo zoo...
Loves aunt Larisa
Sisters... Reesa
Happy Birthday Tay... she doesn't look thrilled here but she was just too excited to get in there and jump and slide around.
And I had to post this... she has been potty training and doing AWeSOME! only one accident! But the other day we look over at taylor because she was giggling, and we see this... just sitting there with her underwear on her head. She really is the funniest kids ever!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

BYU Game

Its crazy how time is flying by. Its November and I love this time of year. Christmas songs are playing on the radio, everything smells awesome, and everyone is just happier. We have been able to go to some BYU games this season with Justin's dad having season tickets, he is nice enough to let us come along! Taylor LOVES the games, and screams "defense" "offense" and "COUGARS". Its pretty funny to hear a tiny little voice screaming, everyone turns to look. Skylar went to her first one the other day, the weather was so nice I couldn't resist going on a family outing. Then we had a fun time at the park after!