Tuesday, May 13, 2008

St George and the TRIP...

Well we went to St George again this past weekend.. which was a well needed break from here!!!! I love going down there and hanging out with the family and in the sun! Ok so on the way down, Justin drove, I sat passenger, and Kara (sis-in-law) sat in the back. We got dell taco and ate as we drove. The problem is that I started drawing in the car after that and um... about an hour and a half outside of St George... I started feeling queezy and told justin to pull over NOW... but it didnt happen fast enough. So I tried to hold it in.. but couldnt.. instead.. I lost everything I had eaten that whole day onto my lap... my hair, and covered my face. Finally we pulled over and it Grossed me out so bad that it just kept making me you know "sick" all over. I had to get out... and Justin had thrown up too because it was so gross. So it was a LOT to clean up.. I had to stand outside in the freezing cold and it was starting to rain... so I changed infront of cars passing, had to put my hair up in my hat cause I couldnt stand the smell of my hair. I still reaked and it was a long trip the rest of the way there. It was really funny though. We just laughed about it all weekend.
We got there and the kids all met us outside. I had some laundry to do so did that... then we just hung out all weekend. Played games, swam, watched movies, bbq. It was also little niece's 1st birthday. She is so cute! Had cupcakes and a yummy dinner. We went back sunday and spent mothers day over at the Wirig Home. So its been adventures and fun the past week! I love my family!

Joss loved her new stroller.
Warning: below is a sick picture.. if you dont want to look at it.. DONT.

And I know this is sick and I didnt have this picture on here at first but... whats a good story without a good picture huh?! Thanks justin for making sure we have pictures of EVERY thing EVER

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

News and More....

Well its been an exciting, crazy, long/fast couple of months! First of all some news that hasn't exactly been announced officially. So, Justin and I will be having a baby in November. I guess technically I will be HAVING it, but he will have it.. make sense? yeah, anyway. We are really excited! We had the first appointment last week and got to hear the little heartbeat. I hope those appointments get less and less awkward! haha. Anyway, everything is going great. The doctor said everything seems to be going perfect. The heartbeat is "strong"... however he can figure that out, beats me, but I'll take it. So yeah, Im done with the 1st trimester so hopefully the sickness of smells and taste and looks of things will go away, and I will be a happier person.. cause last few months I would be one of the 7 little dwarfs named GRUMPY! So sorry justin! He really takes good care of me no matter what, he's the best! Other news, all of my girlfriends are home from their missions and have seen them in the past few months.. except one. I LOVE it! We had a little bridal shower for one of my favorite people ever! And there it was a little reunion of the "oldies" from Raintree!
More news... Jazz Games! Yep, watch them all without fail, but they are doing good at least!
Its feeling like summer out there finally which gives me hope. I cant wait to just be warm always!