Monday, August 17, 2009

Happy Days and Birthdays!

Fun past weeks! We celebrated birthdays and almost birthdays and all sorts of Happy!
Here is my Mother in Law on her birthday!

The Party Gang except Beej who is taking the picture! We had a "little kid" birthday party with Pin the tail on the donkey, Piniata, and wheelbarrow races!

Next was Justin's Grandmother's 80th birthday!! So fun, we all got dressed up and had an "Besst-ie awards night" Like an acadamy awards for her, with awards and presentations and all that! Tried to dress up in Old Fashioned whatevers! It was a blast! She is an amazing woman!

Then we got to go down to St. George to visit my sister-in-law Danielle and help her out. She is about to have her 5th little baby and we are SO excited! Cutest kids ever!! Taylor LOVED hanging out with all her cousins!!

Taylor was taught this face by her cousin Mitchell! While doing this she breathes really hard out of her nose, if she is on the floor she chases you doing it...

Now we are all just enjoying the rest of the little summer we have left, and awaiting our new niece and nephew!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Hey Everybody... anyone want to play flag football or soccer for fall?! Co-ed intramurals! I am not good at either of these but think it would just be fun to do SOMETHING because Im going out of my mind. Justin and I are going to do it together... SO let me know if you are interested because we need teammates! :) Its going to be in orem. I think just part of UVU or whatev