Monday, April 21, 2008


So on Saturday I got to have lunch with these 3 beautiful girls! It was so much fun to sit and catch up, talk about the times we all lived together at Raintree and laugh our heads off. Just made me realize once again that I lucked out with friends... always have and hopefully always WILL! Danielle have fun in Europe! crack me up, and Chels....well hope you hate Texas so you come back soon! :) just kiddin' have fun! Love ya'll!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

A little Break; Freaky towns, crazy smiles, and greyhounds!

Justin and I took a little road trip up to Montana this past week to celebrate my grandma's 70'th birthday and her going through the temple for the first time! Thank you Justin, he drove the whole way up there. On the way up, we stopped for gas somewhere RANDOM in this town that Justin swore we were going to get murdered. Its called Deer Lodge. Weird though because I didn't even see a lodge there at all. But as soon as we drove in, there was a huge old cobble stone prison, with a huge brick wall gating it off. Um and there were like 3 cars and NO people walking out and about. We asked how to get back onto the freeway, and the gas lady said there is only one way out, and it wasnt the way we came in. WEIRD.. seriously its hard to describe. Anyway we got there, and we visited the fam for a while. My mom's whole side of the family was there. It was great. Well, we got to sleep in a camper! haha. It was pretty awesome. An adventure!

The next day we had a big ol birthday party and stuff. Then we woke up, went to church on sunday, then left right after. It was fun seeing all my little cousins and everything there.

Nice SMILES guys!

And Justin can do the Colored cube... mostly I call it that cause I dont know if its ARUBIX, or RUBIX, OR SCUBIX CUBE.. but way to go jus!

Oh and peter had THE best P.J's EVER.. they had wings!

Oh and on the way home we saw STUART on the Greyhound.. so we took a picture!

All in all it was A great trip, and Nice to get away for a while. There is nothing in this whole huge world that is better than family! Happy APRIL!
Um and it's KINDA almost CHRISTMAS!!!
Kinda... if you think about it and stuff ya know?!