Thursday, April 16, 2009


Easter was a blast this year. Loved it. We spent the weekend with with Wirig bunch and ate lots of yummy food and made girl bows, and had a big ol easter egg hunt. Taylor wanted in on the action so we gave her some eggs to play with. I really think she cannot wait to jump up and run around with all her fun cousins. She just watches them all the time. I also got to see some old friends/roommies. Mikale was out from DC and Em I got to see. We all met up at BYU and talked and had a good ol time. I miss my friends! Everything is great here still. Justin is getting ready to take all his finals this week. Then back to school for the spring. Yippee. Here are some pictures of Easter weekend. Um, i didn't have my camera for the fun times.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Man, how they grow up too fast!!

Well a lot has happened of course. Conference weekend was amazing as usual! I loved every bit. It is a lot different having a baby and trying to pay attention just as well I must admit, but still I got a lot out of it. I am grateful for the Prophet and all of our Leaders! Taylor loved it as you can see below. She would watch the MoTab everytime they would start singing.
Taylor also had her 4 month Check-up last week. She was really 4 and a Half Months but whatev. She is weighing in at 12 pounds 2 oz. and is 23 inches long. So she is in the 10th percentile for everything but her head.. that being the 25%... which I'm sure is due to the fact of her being super smart! haha. Yeah. But really, she is growing so much. She sits up all by herself and plays with her toys. She has mastered rolling over both ways. Flip flops back and forth, looking up at you everytime to see if you were watching then smiles real big. She is eating rice cereal, which isnt her fav. but chokes it down. And is finally fitting into her 3-6 month clothes. She is a little one, but we love love love her more and more every day. I didn't think I could love anything this much, but she puts a whole new meaning to that word.
I'm grateful for Justin, who is kicking bum at school. BYU is a hard place and he is doing very well, I'm proud. I just can't wait until school is over thats all. :)
Loving Life pretty much thats all. Peacers!