Thursday, November 17, 2011

Halloween and Birthdays!

So a lot has been going on but it has been a fun past couple of weeks. Halloween was fun. We had a little neighborhood/friend trunk or treat, and we went to Justin's work party at Adobe where they deck out the whole 2 buildings for Halloween trick or treating. It was fun. Taylor really wanted to be Rapunzel, so we got the wig and everything, but it was tricky to keep on because it was so heavy. We put it on Skylar's bald head and she wore it all around. She looks funny with hair, but hopefully when she has her own, it will look awesome!

We went to
Taylor was invited to her friend Payton's birthday party where a real princess, Amera, came and told the girls stories and danced and took pictures with them. They were all so excited and dressed up in their little princess dresses. There are so many little girls in our ward that are Tay's age and they have a blast together! LOVE IT!
This girl is my sister, Larisa, and she comes twice a week to watch my kids for a couple hours while I can get away, run errands, do anything I want for myself and by myself. I LOVE it! She is the best and my girls LOVE her!
Last but not least, our little Taylor turned 3 on the 13th of November! I can't believe it and I love her so much. She is so funny and smart. She is more like my little mini me buddy I can count on to laugh at all my lame jokes and silly faces. She sings every song she has EVER heard and especially Christmas ones right now, she can HARDLY wait for Santa to come to her. Everyone is also her "best friend" these days.
Life is great and I can't wait for Thanksgiving. Stay tuned for some great updates!!

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