Thursday, January 5, 2012

Holiday FUN!

It was a really fun Christmas this year! We got to go up and spend it with my family in Washington. The weather was perfect the whole time except the last 2 days it started raining. The drive up and back was LONG...but we made it safe and sound! The only way I remember everything that happened is by pictures... so that is why I post so many! Here are things we did!

Before we left, we took a little break for Justin to stop studying for finals and went bowling! Fun and he is now Graduated from BYU!!! So proud of him and happy we are done with the school thing for a min.
The Sky...dancing on that bowling floor.
My family all together for Christmas... this is Christmas Eve with our matchy pj's and my grandma was able to come from CA to spend the holidays with us too.

Christmas morning... Skylar just cuddled and loved this pillow and blanket thing.. elephant.. she didn't move for a while... also with her Taylor's slippers on

We took an afternoon and headed over to Vashon island on the ferry to spend the day with friends and family. It was fun and the kids loved the boat.
Taylor down at the beach on Vashon
Justin and I got to sneak away for a night and spend it up in Seattle. It was a lot of fun to be gone from those kids for 24 hours while my parents watched them! We went to dinner, saw a movie, and did a lot of walking in the rain! It was fun!Headed back home on the ferry from our fun Seattle trip.
We finally made it home to Utah in time for the BYU bowl game for Justin and New Years Eve. Taylor thought this was the best party ever!

All the little cousins were over at Wirigs for a party and the little girls all loved dancing to the kinect dance game

At the little kids' "new year" that game at 9:00 pm we rang it in with a lot of noise, countdown, and another sparkler dance from the big kids and parents while they all watched out the window. One last treat before their bed time so that we could have a fun time as adults playing games and whatnot. There were a ton of fireworks out the back of their window at midnight and a lot of floating lanterns.. Taylor can't get over that and still sings the Tangled song whenever she talks or thinks about it!
Everything is great and we are loving the new year already. This little baby is growing healthy in me and we will welcome HER in just a few short months!


Chelsea said...

How can you be welcoming her so soon when you don't even look pregnant?? You tiny thing! You look darling. Glad you could go up home for Christmas.

Carrissa Hellewell said...

Yay! We like girls over here ;) it's been fun. I fear now that we have had 3 girls that there won't be any boys. Hope so though!