Sunday, June 24, 2012

A New BABY here!!!

It has been a while since I have blogged. I can keep up with integram and all that, but this is hard for me. I do need to post this stuff for my own self though. Since I wrote last, a lot has happened, but most importantly, we have a new addition to our family.
Emree Joyce Wirig.
Born on May 8th 2012.
6 pounds 10 oz. and 18.5 inches long
 I got induced in the morning, and slept until I was a "10". I did one practice push and the nurse yelled STOP! Apparently she was going to come faster than the others did. She yelled for someone to call the doctor that was still at his office. She started suiting up, and I didn't even have to push, little baby girl just slipped right on out onto the bed. Nobody in there to help but that one nurse and Justin, and my mom. Little bit crazy! She was perfect though, and to my surprise, the nurse plopped that baby right onto me without even washing her off at all. That has never happened to me before so I was a little weirded/grossed out to tell the truth. haha. But I loved her with all the goo gross on her anyway! Since that day, she has been a great baby that we all LOVE!
Here is a little picture update of what has been happening in our lives.
Taylor, Skylar, and Emree...visiting us in the hospital! Love my girls!
Mommy/Taylor Date... pedicures! They loved her!

Such a good baby and growing like crazy!

Up at City Creek Center In SLC for my birthday! Sky insisted on wearing her hat like that! So, she was pulling off the little young mary- kate and ashley olsen adventures look that day!

Summer Time means a lot of time up at grandma and grandpa Wirig's house. This was cotton candy night, where grandpa pulled out the cotton candy machine for all the grandkids!

Most of the Wirig grandkids, with the 4 youngest missing!

I have been making and selling a LOT of these lately!  
Justin graduated in December, but walked this past April. Very proud of him!

She is the most pleasant baby! Sleeps great and hangs out

My dad came for Emree's baby blessing. My kids LOVE their O'Papa

I got to take my "big girls" to the park after I got home from the hospital! I missed them!

Just made a little sandbox, keeps them busy for a while!

Cotton Candy Girl

Taylor is a VERY proud big sister, and she is so big to me all of the sudden, even though she is still teeny in size! I am happy I have her as my oldest!


Carrissa Hellewell said...

Oh my gosh. What a sweet baby girl!! And you look so amazing Sarah after just having had a baby! They are absolutely beautiful!! Congrats!

Chelsea said...

So many comments Sarah -- Congrats on your new little baby girl! I cannot believe you have THREE babies! So crazy. And you look so great. And I cannot believe your labor story. That is one of the craziest ones I have ever heard! She slipped out! haha. And what cute pictures. I love your idea of the sandbox and think I may have to try that in a few more months. Or at least next summer.